Guaranteed healthcare for all – SB 562!

The defeat of Trumpcare has been one of the resistance movement’s biggest victories so far, but we know that our health and very lives will continue to be threatened by the right-wing corporate forces in power.  And, even the status quo means spiraling healthcare costs and corporate profits while millions of working families and immigrants continue to be left without access to quality healthcare.

JWJ is part of Healthy California, a broad coalition advancing a real visionary solution to our healthcare crisis and the underlying issues of cost and access: The Healthy California Act, SB 562 which would create a Medicare for all-like system that will provide guaranteed comprehensive healthcare for all Californians regardless of income or immigration status. Not only will this save the state billions, it will offer Californians high quality care, full choice of providers, as well as no insurance  premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or surprise medical bills. Full SB 562 bill language is here.

We believe now is the time to go on the offensive to ensure that we don’t lose ground on healthcare and to finally put in place the only comprehensive solution to our healthcare crisis. We must finish the job of healthcare reform restore peace of mind to the millions of Californians struggling to cover healthcare costs now and worried it’s only about to get worse by guaranteeing healthcare for ALL Californian and creating an important model for the rest of the country.

Here’s how you can help build the movement to win this exciting, incredibly important campaign for healthcare justice:

  1. Send an organizational support letter for SB 562 before the first  legislative hearing on April 26th.  Support Letters must be received by 5pm on Monday, April 17th. Please see sample support letter attached and make sure you email to:, and
  1. Join the statewide mobilization to the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 26th for a rally, march and first hearing of SB 562 in the Senate Health Committee. See the Facebook event for more details. Bus transportation will be provided from San Francisco, Oakland and other Bay Area locations. For more information and to reserve seats on the buses, contact

  2. Help outreach to your organizational members and other groups and individuals about SB 562. If you want to schedule an informational presentation and/or if you need materials, contact