Support for North Bay Fire Victims

Updated 10/16/17

Through our chapters in the North Bay and San Francisco, Jobs with Justice is facilitating support for victims of the devastating North Bay fires. Below is information about ways you can support the ongoing relief and recovery efforts in the North Bay, with a focus on the needs of immigrant workers, union members and other vulnerable community members. This page will be updated regularly. If you have any questions or additional information or suggestions, please email JWJ at or call (415) 840-7420.

1.  Financial donations for immigrant workers and union members

Graton Day Labor Center, North Bay Organizing Project, North Bay Jobs with Justice created the UndocuFund for Fire Relief in Sonoma County to provide direct assistance to undocumented Sonoma County residents who are victims of the Northern California fires. One hundred percent of all donations will go to victim support, with the first $50,000 in donations to be matched by The California Wellness Foundation. Click here for more information about the UndocuFund and to donate online.

The North Bay and Napa/Solano Labor Councils have joined forces to help union members who have been impacted by the recent fires. Click here for the online donation page. If you’d rather donate by mail, make a check out to, “NBLC Member Disaster Relief Fund” and send it to NBLC, 2525 Cleveland Ave. Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

2. Priority materials and supplies needed for North Bay shelters

(Please see this google doc for a full list of shelters)  Please contact JWJ at or (415) 840-7420 to arrange a pick up or delivery of donated supplies.

  • Egg crate or other foam pads for cots for elderly/ppl with disabilities who can’t sleep straight on the cots (esp at Elsie Allen High)
    Masks, preferably N95 masks but physicians have said any mask is better than no masks and all are welcome.
  • Adult diapers (depends) and child diapers
  • Socks
  • Underwear, especially women’s
  • Blankets/Sleeping Bags and warm clothes, but especially at Bodega Grange Shelter for the folks car camping at Doran Beach (many are undocumented)
  • Washclothes, hand towels
  • Tampons/pads
  • Extension cords
  • Fairgrounds Vallejo could use hay/stable mix for horses
  • Sonoma Humane Society needs cages, toys, crates, and monetary donations for injured animals

3. People Power – volunteer needs

If you are able to fill any of the specific volunteer needs below, please use the contact info to get more information and make arrangements directly. If you have any questions or may be able to fill any volunteer needs without contact information, contact JWJ at or (415) 840-7420.

  • Folks with experience helping people fill out FEMA assistance applications
  • Spanish translators, especially for Analy High and Bodega Grange but check that google doc linked above, as more people see it we hope to identify where the need is most
  • RNs/MDs/MAs/CNAs to help at shelters. Contact or this facebook group. If no answer call/text Mara Ventura 541-653-3837
  • Novato needs ER ICU and Medsurg nurses call Ali at 415-209-1473
  • Counselors, phsyciatrists, anyone who works in trauma healing/grief counseling/etc of any kind who can sit with folks at shelters and check in, provide comfort, trauma support. If you are able call 707-888-5863
  • There will be a healing clinic 10/15 led by North Bay Organizing Project please contact Davin to join 707 318-2818.

4. Individuals or churches who can house people especially immigrant workers, day laborers and domestic workers

We will pass this list on to the Graton Day Labor Center who, if need be, will be contacting you if and when a family needs a place. Please understand this may be at a moment’s notice and provide multiple contact numbers so you can be reached quickly. Send info to Information needed:
  • Name of Person or Church
  • Phone Numbers to reach you (multiple is best if possible)
  • How many people?
  • Pets Y/N
  • How long? (# days/weeks/months)
  • What other languages do you/your fam speak?

5. Institutions or businesses that can possibly set up a shelter

Note: It’s best to contact the Emergency Management Division of Sonoma County directly. If you have questions or suggestions, contact JWJ at or (415) 840-7420. Information needed:

  • Name of location and address
  • Contact person and number
  • How many can you take and how quickly can you be ready to take people?
  • Are you in touch with the Red Cross for this and are they planning to provide resources?
  • Is this just a place for people to rest and get food/water/etc or will this shelter also offer any first aid, RNs/MDs for triaging? (i.e. is it set up to take in elderly/disabled?)