Good Jobs 4 All: Equitable Development in the Region

The Good Jobs 4 All (GJ4A) Collaborative seeks to ensure that development projects contribute to the social and economic well-being of the neighborhoods and city in which they do business. We believe in equitable development that expands economic opportunity and improves the quality of life for the neighborhood’s disadvantaged residents. Our collaborative strives to ensure that development reduces income inequality and promotes equitable growth in San Francisco.

Targeted Hire, Workforce Development & Good Quality Jobs

Growth can be more accountable and equitable when developers commit to hiring residents of the local community and other disadvantaged residents of the Bay Area, provide linguistically and culturally appropriate workforce training, commit to retain workers, and provide living wages and fair and predictable work schedules. Our goal is to ensure that development projects commit to these important steps.

We strive for targeted hiring agreements covering entry-level positions that include strong commitments to training, hiring and retaining disadvantaged residents of the local neighborhood and Bay Area, including formerly incarcerated people, formerly homeless, people, immigrants, transgender people, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Hospitality Sector

As a key trend in the broader development boom that is reshaping our city and region, over three dozen new hotels are in the pipeline for construction in San Francisco in the coming years. From front desk clerks, to cleaners, to janitors and restaurant workers, these projects will generate thousands of jobs – many in areas of the city such as SOMA where low-income residents need more secure work with higher wages. The GJ4A Collaborative is currently working with hotel developers to ensure that neighborhood residents and other disadvantaged people have access to good jobs in the hotel sector a nd that the community benefits economically from the development.

For more information, contact: Tracey Brieger, Jobs with Justice San Francisco,, 415-840-7420.