JwJ San Francisco brings labor and community together to win bigger victories than we can win alone. JwJ has provided strategic support to ongoing coalition campaigns including San Franciscans for Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Justice, Campaign for a Healthy California, Close the Gap (K-12 education), POWER Campaign (immigrant workers’ rights), Debt Free Future, Change Walmart and Caring Across Generations. JwJ also provides support for many priority campaigns of individual JwJ member groups from union organizing and collective bargaining campaigns to community struggles to end wage theft, stop deportations and protect public services. Check out some of our important victories below!


Campaign for a Fair Economy – Fight for $15! To address surging income inequality in our city, JwJ convened a coalition of community and labor groups to lead the campaign to raise San Francisco’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. On November 4th, an overwhelming 77% of voters supported Prop J creating the strongest minimum wage law in the country. Prop J will provide a much needed raise to 142,000 low-wage workers in our city and increase their combined income by nearly $400 million annually. JwJ has also built community support for the Fight for $15 Fast Food Workers who’ve been organizing in the Bay Area and nationally for higher wages and a union.

Retail Workers Bill of Rights:  Because workers need fairer schedules and higher wages, JwJ convened a coalition that also won the landmark Retail Workers Bill of Rights in November 2014.  This innovative package of labor policies adopted unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors promote full time employment, fair and predictable schedules and job security for over 40,000 retail, restaurant and service workers in San Francisco. The bill of rights has also helped to spark a national movement for fairer work schedules with similar legislation introduced at the Federal level and in many states and other cities in 2015.

Black Lives Matter: As the movement for Black lives has taken off, much needed conversations about systemic racism in society have surfaced. JwJ has dedicated itself to the fight for racial justice in 2015 by convening a Black Lives Matter working group for labor and community organizers to share strategies and coordinate work. The working group hosted an impactful public forum called Black Lives Matter at Work that focused on the intersection between racial and economic justice. We’ve connected to BLM in our ongoing campaigns demanding less police funding and more public services and “Solutions not Suspensions” in our schools. JwJ engages the labor movement in solidarity with BLM. We organized a sit-in by 14 labor leaders on Nov. 10th at the Alameda County DA’s office demanding that she drop criminal charges against the Black Friday 14, fourteen Black activists who staged a civil disobedience shutting down BART last year in protest of the war on Black lives.

Housing Justice and Tech Accountability:  With the tech-driven spike in housing costs, evictions and displacement, JwJ supports the multi-faceted struggle to protect tenants, working class communities and the soul of our city. JwJ engaged labor unions in the big 2014 Citywide Tenant Convention and in ongoing campaigns to stop evictions and displacement. JwJ led an effort to develop know your rights curriculum for union members to protect their rights as tenants and get involved in the bigger fight for tenants rights. JwJ also coordinates with community and labor organizations to hold the high tech industry accountable for their impacts on communities and workers.

Defending and Improving Public Education:  JwJ has prioritized supporting public education through coalition efforts that connect demands for equity and quality education for students with respect and fair working conditions for teachers and school staff. JwJ has actively supported the ongoing struggle to defend City College of San Francisco from the accreditation attack by the ACCJC and privatization forces. JwJ also co-founded Close the Gap in 2013, a coalition of parent, community and labor groups working together to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for African American, Latino and other disadvantaged students in San Francisco. In September 2015, we convened a Workers’ Rights Board Hearing on the Future of Higher Education in San Francisco that focused on faculty working conditions and student learning conditions at SF State University, SF Art Institute and City College of SF.

California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: JwJ mobilized labor support for this inspiring and historic campaign led by grassroots domestic worker groups to end exclusion of domestic workers from basic labor rights provided to other California workers. In September 2013, JwJ joined the California Domestic Workers Coalition and other allies to celebrate Governor Brown’s signing of AB 241 into law which mandates overtime pay for nannies, private healthcare aides and other domestic workers in California.

Rebuild CPMC The Right Way: JwJ has played a key role in the community labor coalition campaign to hold the California Pacific Medical Center accountable to accountable to community and worker needs. CPMC is the largest hospital corporation and the second largest private employer in San Francisco. Our coalition celebrated a major victory in July 2013 when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved CPMC’s hospital development plan that includes rebuilding a more sustainable St. Luke’s Hospital and $80 million in community benefits covering healthcare, employment, affordable housing, and public transit. Additionally, CPMC also agreed to fair labor agreements with its employees represented by the California Nurses Association and the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

Progressive Revenue for Public Services and Jobs:  JwJ has engaged in strategic revenue campaigns demanding that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes to restore and expand funding for public services and jobs. In 2012, we celebrated two major victories with the passage of Proposition 30 by California voters that increased the state income tax rate on our wealthiest residents generating over $8 billion annually, and the passage of Prop E by San Francisco voters that increased the business tax rate on our city’s largest corporations generating nearly $30 million annually in local revenue.

Change Walmart, Change the Economy: Since 2012, JwJ has mobilized ongoing community and political support for OUR Walmart, the association of Walmart workers in the Bay Area and across the nation who are organizing to demand respect and justice at the world’s largest retailer. In 2014, we joined OUR Walmart and other allies to celebrate a game changing victory when Walmart raised wages for half a million associates, which in turn led to raises for 2 million U.S. retail workers.

Caring Across Generations: JwJ co-convenes the Bay Area Care Council, a regional coalition of senior, disability rights, domestic worker, community and labor groups engaged in the national Caring Across Generations campaign. This long-term campaign seeks to protect all Americans’ right to choose the care and support they need to live with dignity and to expand the home care workforce and create high quality jobs to meet our communities’ growing needs.

Labor at the Crossroads: To deepen our collective analysis and vision, JwJ has convened a unique series of quarterly public forums about the challenges facing the labor movement. The Labor at the Crossroads forum have fostered dialogue and highlighted innovative new strategies and approaches that can play a role in revealing a 21st century workers movement and build broad based working class power.