As development continues to boom in San Francisco, our Good Jobs for All campaign fights to ensure that our communities benefit with union jobs, job training, and strong targeted and local hire processes that prioritize hiring formerly-incarcerated individuals, homeless or formerly homeless people, limited English proficient immigrants, transgender people, individuals with disabilities and veterans.

This year, GJ4A pushed for “public say over public land” and defeated an initial proposal for a hotel at the Moscone Center parking garage site on city-owned land because it wasn’t integrating community or labor input into the process. We continued to negotiate with hotel developers in SOMA for strong hiring agreements, and crafted legislation with Supervisor Haney to ensure that good jobs are part of massive development in Central SOMA.

We pushed the city to develop and release a powerful “Jobs/Housing Fit” reportcomparing the wage levels of new jobs with the price points of new housing constructionthat definitively shows a severe shortage of housing for low and middle income workers. Next we’re going to make sure that that information is included as the city plans development projects, and have introduced legislation with Supervisor Mar to require that.